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Wireless Holdings provides cutting edge technology for all digital modes to the Ham Radio community.

Mission Statement

We will transform the ham radio industry through innovations that will not only expand the reach of hams around the world, but change the way we communicate by touching every ham with our innovations. 

Our goal is to build the best product to accelerate the industry and inspire hams to explore a new way of communicating.

Wireless Holdings is located in Naples, Florida and all of the DV4 products are manufactured by us in the USA.

We are not only offering devices for all digital modes, we also operate the largest digital networks in the world.

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This website sells to US and Canadian Customers. We also serve international customers but have to take care of them manually for customs reasons. Please inquire here.

Today's Specials

DV4mini 70 cm UHF
Price: $129.00
DV4mini 70 cm UHF
USB stick containing 70 cm data transceiver. Works with D-Star, DMR, Fusion, APCO25, DPMR and other digital modes which are based on GMSK, 2FSK or 4FSK. (sample picture) antenna not included