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DV4home compact

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The DV4home is another member of the successful family of DV4 products. As usual it supports all digital modes, while simplifying and extending the supported functions. While it acts as a "home" for the DV4mini it can be easily used mobile or portable as well. It is a stand alone unit that does not need a PC to operate.  (DV4mini not included)

(automatic update of firmware via Internet)

There are 2 versions available, the DV4home and the DV4home compact.

DV4home compact

The DV4home compact is a barebone version which is an easy to operate stand alone device  with a simple rotary-push button operation and a high temperature range built-in display. It contains a shielded compartment into which a DV4mini is inserted. The voltage range between 9V and 15V allows a direct connection to a vehicle's power system without any additional power supply. The extreme temperature range from -40C to +85C ensures functionality even under the most extreme conditions.

The DV4home compact can be alternatively configured by the rotary-push button or by a PC using the Control Center software.

All modes of the DV4mini are supported: Fusion, D-Star, DMRplus, dPMR, P25 (NXDN later via software update)

D-Star (DCS,CCS,REF,XRF,XLX)MRplus (TS1 all / TS2 Reflectors or talkgroups)

dPMR(All Systems and codecs transparent mode)

P25(Phase 1 Only and all NAC transparent mode)

The DV4home compact can directly connect to the DMRPlus network or IPSC2 .

Connection to the internet can be made by:

  • Ethernet 10/100

  • WLAN using a USB 2 WLAN adapter

  • 3G/4G(LTE) via USB 2 adapter

All data is preliminary and subject to engineering changes.