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User manual (07-23-2016) for DV4mini for all versions can be downloaded here

Presentation about CCS7, CPS7, reflector systems can be found here

Microsoft Visual C Runtime Environment:

Visual C redistributable can be found here

DV4mini Driver click here


The latest Firmware for all DV4mini versions 1.77 is here

See the test of our new DMR feature in a Youtube Video by VA2PV

Control Center Software

New test version of the Windows control center software (October 12, 2017) for the DV4mini is here
(XRF now up to reflector Z and REF now up to reflector 100)

The latest Windows control center software (March 20, 2017) for the DV4mini is here

DV4home instructions and updates:

DV4home manual can be found here

Instructions for updates are here 

Latest firmware for DV4home (version 070A) is