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Steve KB1CHU

Happy DV4home Owner 

I was speaking with Uli AG0X tonight and he interrupted me while I was transmitting. Yup, I said that he was speaking to me while I was talking to him. We had a short full duplex conversation. It was my DV4Home unit to his, and we were on the 4639 reflector.

It was rather shocking to be a ham and in the distant past a CBer and have a full duplex conversation. 

The people at Wireless Holdings have a new firmware on their website for the DV4Home unit. The update does remove the dots that were present in the display and really makes the display "pop". 

I have seen steady progress with this unit and am a happy owner. Every few days an update is released to add features. I paid for mine myself and have no connection to the company or its owners. Oam just a customer who has been delighted with the progress in coding and the unit itself. Digital comms look to be the future of ham radio. 

Brian W8FP

DV4home is everything I was looking for in a multi-mode DV transceiver

I wanted to take a moment, and thank you for developing the DV4Home. It is everything I was looking for in a multi-mode DV transceiver. After trying DMR and using the DV4mini, I loved having the ability to take my DMR radio anywhere I traveled. I did not have to be dependent on a local repeater. 

After using the DV4mini for a while, I wished that I had a less cumbersome way to communicate. I had to use a DMR radio transmitting to a PC or Raspberry Pi connected to a DV gateway device through a HOT spot to a Wireless connection, and make sure my DMR radio was always charged. Sure I could have put together a remote case with all of these devices, but it would be much better to have a single IP transceiver. When I saw the DV4Home announced, it was exactly what I was looking for. The DV4Home was that all in one solution that acted like a normal RF transceiver with a tradition microphone and built in speaker. 

A few weeks ago in purchased one, and I couldn't be happier. I use it at home, when I travel, and even mobile using a wireless bridge adapter connected to my smartphone. 

It is very easy to use. Since I have started to use it, I have worked C4FM, DStar, and DMRplus, and Brandmeister. Now the most difficult decision is which mode I will pick to talk on :) 

Thank you so much for developing this product. I know it has been a work in progress, and I appreciate your investment in making innovative products for Amateur Radio . 

Gene N9NWS

DV4 Products Making My Life Easier

Before the DV4Ambe and DV4Home, using all digital modes was a challenge for me.

I had to grab my Dstar radio for Dstar, my DMR radio for DMR and then grab my Yeasu radio for fusion. Then the codeplugs and programming! What a mess!

Both the DV4home product and the DV4Ambe product have made my life a lot easier and definitely a lot more fun. Both products are awesome. I can now use the DV4 Home at my desk and talk any mode without having to switch radios or do any codeplug programming.

It’s easy to use. When I travel to the office or travel out of the country, I bring my trusty DV4Ambe and  I can talk all modes right on my laptop or windows tablet. Wireless Holdings sold me products to make my life easier. I would recommend your products to anyone!!  Thank you Wireless Holdings.

Doug W4DBG

Great Customer Service

I have made many purchases from Wireless Holdings and have been impressed with not only the quality of the product but the quality of the customer support I have received.

On the Alabama Link we have many operators who have purchased the DV4 mini among other products and have been impressed with what they have received.

Maggie DL4TTB

Easy Travel

I have been using the DV4mini for several months and it is working great. I have recently upgraded to a DV4mini AMBE which gives me even more flexibility when traveling. I don't have to take a HT for every mode I want to use.

Wireless Holdings has even added an NXDN reflector per my wish. Wireless Holdings has always responded quickly and addressed all my questions. Good Luck to them.